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Marina Ziel

"Dare to be authentic, love yourself and help me make a difference on our Sacred Path to Awakening"

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Welcome  beautiful  soul

My name is Marina and my mission is to help you to unravel your true self and to support you in your personal and spiritual growth on your Sacred Path to Awakening.


We are all so conditioned, molded into beings others believe we should be. Our parents, our religion, our teachers, our friends, our co-workers, the media, magazines; They all tell us how we should be, look and how we should think, to be a perfect person and to "fit in".

We are all connected yet each one has his/her individuality, each one with a different story, it is difficult for us to grasp this concept and thus we feel as failures because we do not live up to the expectations of others.


Our best version of ourselves is when we dare brake free from this mold and start living life fully, as we see fit for ourselves. No excuses, taking full responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions and so creating the life we want for ourselves, this way being an example for "others" and showing them it is normal to be different. In fact I like different!


We all have the birthright to be happy and co-create in this wonderful experience called life. 

Marina has the qualities of the Elder woman and the spirit of a Wild Woman, She embodies these with grace and beauty. She breaths wisdom and experience which she brings forth with a pure directness while at the same time holding each person in a loving and caring embrace. By her acceptance of everyone as equal, while at the same time acknowledging each person's unique position in the circle of life, she powerfully but gently touches you deep in your core. Making one visible and known to one's self.

She is a globetrotter, and has lived on several continents, in different countries and speaks four languages. She is a professional geobiologist since more than 15 years, this, to better the life of fellow humans in their living and working environment.

She's an artist, has knowledge and works in

shamanism. She will guide you to use your own instincts to express the wildness that lies deep within. She will inject you with a spark of love and the desire to live a fulfilled and profound life.
She's deeply rooted herself and wild to the bone.

About Marina


"If you haven't experienced one of Marina Veron-Ziel's retreats, I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity! I attended last years retreat and it was a life changing for me. I was able to connect more deeply with myself, I created life long Sisterhood friendships, and I have also started my own sisterhood circles in my area that are thriving!!!!!! Take a leap of faith and practice the most ultimate act of self love and reserve your spot. You won't be disappointed." Barbara Ann Brinkley-Whitford

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"Learn how to spread your wings and fly. It is all

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