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AKASHA and The Sacred Feminine

Are you ready for some Sisterhood celebration ?

Are you ready to receive unlimited inspiration, to evolve and empower one

another as passionate, ambitious and creative sisters ?


Being consciously connected to the Akashic Energy will show you the way!!

Are you ready to make your life from ordinary to extraordinary?


By using the Akashic guidance that is available to everyone, you will realize that this is indeed an extraordinary life.


Now is the time to shed all the layers of conditioning that have been forced upon us by culture, religion and society.


Now is the time to fully open our hearts and love ALL unconditionally.


Like the lotus flower, who at the end of the day goes within to explore in meditation, we learn to trust our intuition, to access to our Higher-Self and stand in our own power.


The world needs a balanced Divine feminine energy to restore peace, love, kindness and beauty to all life.

With Divine intuition we are guided to bring conscious Light, love and life into this world and we nurture as only mothers can.  


We are all sisters and mothers as well as the pillars of support of the Divine masculine. 

We all have had deep and meaningful lives and we can share so much with each other and the world.


It is time for us to reclaim our rightful place in the web of life, next to man. We need each other, for the perfect balance of Yin/Yang, feminine and masculine, the Alpha and Omega of life.

It all begins with ourselves.

Come join us for this exciting retreat created by woman, for women, who dare to come face to face with their true nature. A sisterhood retreat where we will connect with each other, our bodies, with our senses, our inner child and our power animal.


We will allow the our inner wildness to take us deep inside and peel off the layers from the past that weigh so heavy in the present. To liberate who we really are without excuses or judgement and to shine our true light.


Bring your drums and rattles! 


Four days of sharing, rituals, ceremonies, dancing, meditations and exchanges in a fabulous retreat center with exceptional food, run by a very friendly and helpful team. You don't want to miss this. 

All of this under the loving guidance of Akasha.

I am honored to share this with you all !     

For retreats in English please contact Marina at:


Marina is an elder sister, has followed different teachings from around the world and has much life experience to share. With the energy of Akasha, available to all, she will bring you to a place of pure love, acceptance and unconditional sisterhood.

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